Copper ( T2 / C1100 )

T2, “Copper”. T2 copper refers to a copper-silver alloy, in which the content of copper + silver element can be> 99.9%, and there is no requirement for phosphorus element. Conductivity ≥56Ms / m, resistance ≤0.0178x10-6 Ω.m.

Standard: GB / T 2059-2017
Density: 8.9 g / cm³

Size: thickness ≥ 0.2
Tensile strength σb (Mpa): ≥195
Vickers hardness: ≤70HV

Copper STRIP

T2 Copper Platoon.jpg

Copper BAR

T2 Copper Bar.jpg

Feature & Application


Has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and processing performance, can be welded and brazed. Contains less impurities to reduce electrical and thermal conductivity. A small amount of oxygen has little effect on electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and processing performance, but it is easy to cause "hydrogen disease" and is not suitable for processing and use in high temperature (>370℃) reducing properties. (Annealing, welding, etc.)


Used as electrical, thermal and corrosion resistant equipment. Such as wire, cable, conductive screw, detonator for blasting, evaporator for chemical industry, storage and various pipelines.